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Self Managed Super Fund

Boost your retirement savings with strategic SMSF lending and investments to secure your future.


Purchase Investment Property

Use the funds in your SMSF to land investments and manage them properly with LendingLane to get higher capital gains.

Get High-Value Real Estate

With strong expertise and financial advice from LendingLane, it is possible to gear investment for acquiring property more expensive than the SMSF amount.

Customised SMSF Loans

Get individually tailored SMSF lending solutions and gain more control over your retirement assets.

We have access to over 50 main banks and second tiers, and private funds.

SMSF Lending Made Easy

Now, easily apply for SMSF loans and understand the ins and outs with LendingLane’s expert guidance.

Have a bad credit score? Just prove your serviceability and avail of the SMSF loan.
Save more on taxes with tax-deductible interest on SMSF loans.
Use your rental income or any other asset to repay the loan.

Start Saving Today

Get expert consultation on Self managed Super Fund lending and lead yourself into a brighter future.