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Debt Consolidation

Make smarter financial commitments and reduce the borrowing burden by consolidating all your debts into one loan.


Bring Down Cumulative Interest

Stop multiple interests from accruing and give your finances a major boost.

Easily Manage Monthly Instalments

Only one instalment per month means better management of financial resources.

Improve Your Credit Score

Become qualified for other schemes and benefits with a better credit score.

We have access to over 50 main banks and second tiers, and private funds.

First Home Buyers & Upgraders

LendingLane provides a clear pathway towards homeownership with proper debt consolidation to prevent your dream from becoming a liability.

Benefit from the increase in property value with our impeccable loan strategy.
Our experts help you at every step for choosing the right home loan that covers all your existing debts and even maintaining it.
Get expedited access to funds and start planning immediately.

Simplify Budget, Simplify Life.

Keep track of your finances with fewer monthly bills and eliminate stress from life with LendingLane.