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Equipment And Vehicle Finance

Get easy upgrades on essential equipment and vehicles with LendingLane for an up and running business.

Maintain Cash Flow

Ensure a steady cash flow as your business leverages the essential equipment and vehicles and remains uninterrupted.

Asset Finance

Don’t worry about arranging collateral by choking other cash flows. LendingLane uses financial assets to secure loans to maintain your business’ functionality.

Reduce Effects Of Obsolescence

Remain unaffected by obsolescence by regularly upgrading to the latest machinery with the right equipment and vehicle finance options.

We have access to over 50 main banks and second tiers, and private funds.

Finance Your Vehicle At Low Rates.

Get the lowest rates in consultation with our experts.

Extend the tenure of your auto loan and tailor repayments to suit your needs.
Embark on a step-by-step guide of vehicle ownership with our experts.
Pay within your means and ensure financial longevity for your business.

Drive Business To New Heights

Step on the accelerator with LendingLane and free your business of financial stress and burden.